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as the oakland touchdown covers the equivalent of three football fields. >> concrete will tell two to four hours to set. people can walk on it but it will seven-day days to properly cure. after cured about a week then they can take down the temporary supports that are around the struck. >> ama: it's scheduled to open for traffic labor day weekend. oakland police want the community to come up with plans to help fight crime of them debated possible solutions. nick smith was there. >> reporter: oakland mayor and police chief howard jordan and 175 oakland residents spent their saturday discussing public safety and ways to help crime throughout oakland. >> the community is first order of safety. >> reporter: unlike forums in the past. today's workshop encouraged people to sound off but offer problem solving solutions. >> if the community is informed and working together, if the police as part of the community, then we can have a safe community. >> the strategic policy partnership consulting team is working to reduce violent crime in oakland. >> what you find very often.... >> bob stewart is part of t
children. >> and she had reason to be concerned. tonight at 9. shooting in oakland and a little girl gets caught right up in the middle of it. plus the men as that kept dozens of students away from the classes. only on abc 7 news. threat the parents now face from the school. >> also. fate of the calf condor. survived a major pesticide scare but can it survive the bullet? >> and comfort factor. catcher posey going to be with the team posey going to be with the team for a very long time. >> this is abc 7 news. >> it's happened again. tonight young child has been wounded as a result of gun violence in the east bay. sky 7 hd was over the scene of very active investigation. good evening i'm dan ashley. police tell us tonight that 10-year-old girl in east oakland was very lucky that she was not more seriously hurt by gunfire. we have pictures to show you just how close she came. you can see the scratches on her shoulder that broke her skin. authorities say the girl was hit by debris kicked up by bullets. now we were above the scene where the shooting happened. bullet casing litteri
more information tomorrow. >> ama: oakland police are searching for the person that shot and killed a san francisco man. he was shot to death around 3:00 this morning near ninth and clay street. 37-year-old man was in his car when he got disputed in another vehicle. they shot him and crashed his car and died. this marked oakland's 17th homicide as of this year. >> family and friends of missing woman are taking to the streets to find her. she was captured on a surveillance camera thursday morning at the corner of 34th and telegraph avenue where she was last scene. her mother expressed frustration because there are leads that haven't been followed up on yet. >> she had her card and her cellphone. we haven't yet the police to cooperate getting access to that so they can track at least what was the last known place she was at. >> we tried to reach the oakland police department for a xheontd on the case but the comment has yet to respond. >> a man hired to help the oakland police department implemented court ordered reforms will reported for duty tomorrow. thomas frazier is the new compl
accused by police. man picture was posted on oakland most wanted for about a month. nick smith with more on the mistake that turned a man's life upside down. >> friend called me and said that i was on the news for shooting. i was lake this must be some practical joke. >>reporter: but he wasn't laughing. he says his nightmare began in february of last year when friend said he was wanted for shooting they had seen this mug shot from an unrelated incident in 2007 and he was being named as one of oakland most wanted criminals. >> i went home and checked the internet and i was shocked. like, like why who will would do this to me. >>reporter: with his attorneys he says he went to police to tell them they have the wrong guy. >> this is not me. let's clear it up. >>reporter: he was quickly thrown in jail. three days later he was relessed. never charged with a crime and never told why or how his name became the focus of a criminal investigation. >> i was shameful. i don't know what people were thinking about me. >>reporter: 10 days after the ordeal began he says his name remained on oak
at 9:00. management make over. new direction for oakland pd brass. >> airport quandary. san jose international good service new terminal and easy to get to. why isn't it more popular and why losing flights. why losing flights. >> new study >> that breaking news centers on this car accident in east san jose. we understand it is involved in an officer involved shooting. now this is video from sky 7 hd short time ago. police are out on mass in this area. we are told that 3 undercover police cars surrounded a vehicle. witnesses tell that you say one person in that car was shot and officer hurt although not seriously. now this happened a little more than 2 hours ago in the alan rock neighborhood close to the intersection of jeralyn drive and em rick avenue. trade the general area on the map. bring you any new information as soon as it develops. good evening. now to long time south bay politician pleading guilty today to dozen charges of misusing taxpayer money to fuel a gambling addiction. george junior is a tomorrower supervisor former school board member and former san jose
in oakland. but we explain what happened today that has some local activist optimistic about the future. >> bold move by hacker to be sure from hillary clinton to the vice president. what cybervandal are doing with [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin with totino's pizza rolls. and now when you buy one 40-count bag, instantly get a free bottle of sun drop or sunkist soda. it's on. let's roll. instantly get a free bottle of sun drop or sunkist soda. dad: you excited for day? ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> good evening i'm dan ashley. debate over free speech versus hate speech takes a new twist exploratorium city leaders are deannouncing new round of muni bus ads they say apartment muslim and they contain powerful images and
was struck by a bullet. he was flown to children's hospital in oakland. police believe the shots were fired into the backyard from near the g-street overpass. on thursday, one-year-old boy was thought and yesterday a ten-year-old a bullet grazed her. >> a new details in shootout that left a man dead. they have captured their main suspect in the indicates. 18-year-old. he is accused of the fatal shooting on the bay fair bart station. it appears two rival groups ran into each other and words were exchange and the shooting started. an innocent bystander was killed >> the search is on for a person that shot a college athlete to death. he was on spring break visiting family when he was killed earlier this morning. he was returning are from a friend after being out dancing. gunman asked if they belong to a gadgets before he opened fire. a neighbor saw a car pull over in front of the home on bryant street and man get out. >> friends and relatives have settle up a memorial for him. he was a wide receiver on the football team and lewis and clark khshg college. >> a woman was trapped inside a burning
jose. he previously coached in oakland. in oakland, a jury today convicted a man of first-degree murder for shooting a job applicant in a robbery that netted him $10. 28-year-old george huggins now faced a possible sentence of life, 26-year-old i should say george huggins now faces a possible sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. prosecutors say he shot and killed jim hong kang in oakland during a series of robberies. he had gone to the downtown area of oakland to have his teeth cleaned at his friend's dental offense when was attacked. >>> san mateo county is going after distracted drivers and officers didn't have any trouble finding them. vic lee with the story that you will see only on abc 7 news. >> reporter: go to traffic school and get the ticket removed from your record. >> reporter: for the motorcycle unit it was like shooting fish in a barrel. they were nabbing drivers who pedestrians at to pa december cross walks. a police decoy crosses the street and the car goes by anyway. this was one of the locations targeted in today's traffic enforcement operation.
captioned by media access group at wgbh (woowling) >>> big trouble in oakland. a serious accusations against two city council members. san jose gets thrown a curveball in moving the a's to the south bay and effort to protect your emails from prying eyes of police. an emotional set back to the rock 50 years after it's closed. never before seen images of alcatraz and >>> it isn't a lie. >> dan: two city council members are under fire. they are denying allegations of ethics violations. i'm dan ashley. they are accused of trying to influence to multimillion dollar contracts to parking tickets. >>> you know, one-sided investigation. >> larry reid has served for 17 years as an elected official and he has sense the language of the charter extremely well. accusing him of breaking the rules have left him confused and frustrated. >> i have a responsibility to make sure that the playing field is level and particularly as it relates to wiom business and minority owned business. >> the auditor says reid and brooks told employees who should get a demolition contract for the army base.
. >>> the oakland police department welcomed graduates of the academy into the ranks for the first time in four years. 166th academy class filed into oakland's scottish rites center. one father explained having his son graduate means more. >> i was overcome with emotion when the officers came in because i know the sacrifices that us as black people have made over the years. it is not at all a small thing when a black man pouts a badge and a gun. it's very much an honor. >> dan: even with these graduates, police chief says he needs 200 more officers to bring staffing level up to expectable levels. >> sky7hd was over fremont tonight where police tased a man on shopping center. officers say the man went into the cvs with a knife and ordered everyone out of the building and opened a bottle of liquor and dropped a knife when police arrived. on the subject of tasers the group representing african-american police officers in san francisco has come out against them. they are taking this stance just as the police commission gets ready to vote on this controversial question about the use of tasers. vic l
to kind of show people working together. >> oakland police arrived in a contingent with others from alameda county have been lost 4 of their own 4 years ago for oakland this was dopely permanent. >> everybody takes this job seriously and risk our lives every day. something like this happens it really hits home on personal level. start thinking about our own mortality. >> for those who live and work in santa cruz an experience that has been tremendously painful but also union finding. >> motorcade left the city the outpouring from the community is very touching. >> would i say these things donned build character. they define the character in the community. if today was any indication we are if good hand hands. >> now his force holding up deputy chief clark told sows farther doing pretty well but he said santa cruz officers also been very busy preparing and planning for today. he told us the real work of healing will likely begin next week. in san jose laura anthony abc 7 news. >> scholarship fund established in honor of the officers. businesses already committed 125,000 dollars
tyler abc 7. moving on to other news tonight. oakland police certainly want to much cat man who put a 9-year-old girl through a terrible trauma. he tried to kidnap her from her own barack obama back yard and assaulted her as she tried to get away. this surveillance video shows the man police say attempted that daylight kidnapping. this is nick smith with more. >> i'm very proud of her. taught toñr scream and shout and reacted bravely and fought him off. >> oakland police look for for man they believe may have molested his 9-year-old daughter. and trade to at that time girl from the family yard. >> 9-year-old girl very shaken. traumatic incident for her. >> incident happened yesterday in the 1200 block of 94th avenue. just after 6:00 p.m. police say the girl was approached by a man she did not know. and he grabbed her. >> he lifted her up off the ground. and he began to touch her all over her body. >>reporter: abc 7 news doesn't use the names or faces of children who have been the victims of a sex crime. the girl's older sister told me she thinks her younger sister is brave
. 69 in oakland. concord 69. 68 degrees was the high in livermore. high definition rooftop cam looking toward the embarcadero of san francisco we're reporting clear skies. san francisco 51. 60 in oakland. san jose, 52. 49 degrees in half moon bay. here is another look from east bay cam looking towards the west. santa rosa, 50 and 49 in napa and livermore this hour, 55 degrees. forecast highlights we'll continue to have high clouds overnight tonight. cool in some of the inland locations. get ready for sunshine and mild temperatures tomorrow. we will bring in chance of showers as we head into wednesday and thursday. lows tonight, upper 30s to near 40 degrees in north bay and east bay. otherwise we'll keep things in the low to mid 40s. high pressure off the coast continuing to keep the storm track to the north and west of us. a few high clouds will come through for your sunday but it looks like wednesday and thursday before the high starts to weaken and that will allow a couple of storm systems to pass through the bay area. until then, tomorrow passing clouds. we'll put the map in motion,
redeveloping right near the coast. oakland at 52. half moon bay, 48. santa cruz, 52 degrees. the timing of the rain returning to the bay area we'll take a look at that coming up in a bitter. >>> queen elizabeth is in the hospital. the illness she is fighting and how she is doing tonight. and also the diet that dares to you eat what you want. the doctor behind the fast diet tells us how it works. and conservationist score a win and conservationist score a win in asia, well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. i like having a lot more of more more often than not. which is why i stay at embassy suites. [ elevator dings ] because i always get more. like a spacious two-room suite. did you say two-broom s
later in this newscast. >> jubilant city leaders gather with oakland police today to announce recovery of 800,000 dollar jewelry box stolen in january from the museum of california. they also have a suspect under arrest. here's fv laura anthony. >> before is that the chest. yes. >>reporter: nearly two months after valuable historic box was stolen from the oakland museum of california a trio of beaming police officers package with the taking attached back into the building. >> today history was restored to the city of oakland. and state of california. rare 19 century piece was discovered by oakland police monday inside a business. it was stolen january 7th in the second of 2 recent burglary at the museum. suspect in both incidents is a 45-year-old parolee named andre t frank lip. how does the box look. >> it looks wonderful. >> some piece that is capture your imagination this box and collection does i gts guess that's why it's been stolen twice now. >>reporter: it was stolen and recovered once before in 1978. this time police credit the museum extensive video surveillance system
, oakland's problem is now his problem. supercop bill bratten reports for duty. how he plans to cut crime. >>> the trio accused of stealing a yacht are in court. how one convinced crew mates to sail amay. >>> i'm spence spence. dry now but we may have more showers tomorrow. i will show you when and where in the accuweather forecast fact coming up. >>> a storm forces drivers to play bumper cars. and tractor trailers to tip over in wild wind ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day with your lowe's consumer credit card. [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day been waiting for the price othen don't miss sleep train's beautyrest and posturepedic closeout sale. save up to 40% on closeout sets from beautyrest and posturepedic. save hundreds on floor samples and closeout inventory. these prices are falling fast, but these deals won't last. the beautyrest and posturepedic closeout sale is on now at sleep train. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ good. no, not good. h
best intentions. ssz operation peace fire. making oakland safer with new way to combat gun violence. >> came up from san diego. it's a bumper. >> restaurant goers disappointed and turned away after fire here and no word on when it might reopen. >> local lawmaker comes up with clever idea for banning gun show at popular venue in the bay area. will it fly? >> 33 million dollar lotto winner who kept her hair appointment today enough about the book, i want to hear about your date. well, he showed up in a van. [ women ] oh-awww. [ voices in background ] [ female announcer ] swapportunity. the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a delicious 90 calorie yoplait light. ♪ sorry... about your date, the details of your date. [ female announcer ] just one swap a day helps keep the calories away. yoplait. it is so good. >> [ screaming] oakland police release dramatic frightening video of woman being mugged near lake merit. victim just shrinks in fear as 2 men one of them armed take her purse and bag. now although the 2 robbers arrested, police hope other victims who see this video
berkeley to the low 70's oakland. newark and inland community still pleasant. almost spring like here. sfooin 75 in concord. 77 degrees antioch. here's lack at my accu-weather 7 day forecast and the temperatures remain about the same on saturday. although it gets breezy this weekend cooler on sunday. st. patrick's day. remaining dry on monday but you will notice the much cooler weather tuesday wednesday with low to mid 50's coast side low to mid 60's inland. and the rain will be coming back in time for spring's arrival wednesday at 4:02. >> wednesday spring is here. >> yes. >> thanks very much. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. being biden. vice president gets his own show. >> also. water log 2 string unplayable violin up for sale. why it could be worth more than half million dollars. >> and 2 wing or 4? >> an[ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. we'll leave that there. you got a weather balloon, with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. go. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here.
looking at the bay bridge, temperature readings, 54 at san francisco and 57 in oakland, san jose, 58 degrees. another view from our high definition downtown san francisco looking at the other side of the bay bridge, under cloudy skies, 56 degrees in santa rosa. let's take a look at our forecast features. we do expect continued cloudy conditions. temperatures in fact, almost on the mild side. slight chance of showers will be with us overnight tonight and through most of the day tomorrow but we don't expect rainfall totals and sunshine in abundance the satellite image shows the movement of clouds and moisture moving through the bay area. that is why it's been so cloudy all day and now into the night. we have a long spew of moisture but much of it will n even hit the ground and much will evaporate before it has a chance to make any rainfall. forecast animation at 11:00, it will be cloudy and we may see some scattered light sprinkles or light showers in the overnight hours. then tomorrow, late morning, midday we might see a few more areas of light scattered shower activity but we don't e
. the highs today, santa rosa was 77 and 67 in oakland. concord, 73. 73 in livermore and santa cruz, down to 72 degrees. nice look at bay bridge and current temperatures, generally in the 50s. san francisco 53. san carlos, 57 degrees and 54 with a few high clouds right now in half moon bay. another look from our high definition rooftop cam looking at another view. santa rosa is 60 and livermore at 64 and 66 in los gatos. highlights for you as we head into the middle part of next week, a few clouds overnight tonight. slightly cooler for temperatures for us for sunday afternoon. it's still going to be delightful and plenty of sunshine and get ready for rain returning to the bay area tuesday and wednesday. lows tonight with the high clouds generally in the mid to upper 40s across much of the bay area. here is the setup as we head into at least the next couple of days. high pressure has been dominating bringing us those nice temperatures in the 70s while it will continue to move a little bit more towards the east tomorrow. we'll see some of the high clouds venture in. we'll go with sunshine,
in pacifica and another location >> a record number of people hit the streets of oakland today for the oakland running festival. 9100 competitors joined the 5-k and full and half marathon and four person team relay. they were happy to see double the number of runners last year. they are usually new to the sport so there is an increase in interest in the race. women's winner set a record, finished in two hours, 47 minutes and 24 seconds. male winner is from berkeley, finished. >>> coming up video showing an aggressive shark penetrate ago diver's cage. a man watching the whole thing from feet away. one wrong turn leads to a rough ride. how a car ended up on a neighbor's roof. ♪ >> if you've ever been haunted by that song that gets stuck in your head, how scientists say how you can captor size those bad tunes. >> i'm leigh glaser and beautiful spring weekend. this up coming week we're >> ama: the supreme court will hear arguments on two same-sex marriages cases this week. they are deciding the constitutionality of proposition 8. it banned same-sex marriage after the state's highest court ruled
announce today that all 6 men were marijuana dealers or buyers. >> oakland first friday street fair is wrapping up and it has been a calm night we are glad to tell you. this month version of the city popular art celebration had a few changes. city reduced the size to 5 block. ban open alcohol and put more police on patrol. city made changes after teenager shot at february 1st friday one month ago. no reports of problems at tonight events. >> bay area basketball power house st. mary's now on probation for violating double a regulation. school was found guilty of breaking the rules and failing to monitor its program in the ncaa crack down. laura explains the violations and the penalties. >> in the proud of it. we are not perfect. >> while calling them harsh. st. mary's head basketball coach randy bennett accepts the sanction to his program handed down by the ncaa. >> i made some mistake. along the way here and some things if i could do it over i would do it differently but at this point need to move on and just try to make sure we are not in a situation again. >> penalty include
reporter mark has the story. >> sky 7 hd was up over the waste management yard in oakland this morning after workers went on strike complaining the company was using e verify to retaliate against union organizing. >> all workers have a right to be free from threats, intimidation. >>reporter: spokesman for the long shore men warehouse worker said the strike only lasted 5 hours but the company got the message. spokesman for waste management denies that employe employees were being singled out. >> e verify went in effect in 2009. area employee is subject to the e verify. >>reporter: program also touched off a boycott of south bay base grocery chain me pueblo. 81 worker accuse the chain of using database to get rid of employee this wanted to organize. at pacific steel in berkeley 200 employee were his let go after the company ran 500 names through the e verify program. company says only 5 of the 200 were reinstated. the company was forced to withdraw from e verify in a settlement with its union. >> pacific steel is a really good example in terms of if you don't have immigration refo
and teach readings 55 this san francisco. 59 in oakland. san jose 59 degrees in another view of the bay bridge from our high definition south beach camera in downtown san francisco under partly clear skies. more temperature readings. 54 degrees right now in santa rosa. 55 in fairfiel fairfield. los gatos a mild 61. look at our forecast feature. we have a lovely day coming our way tomorrow. partly cloudy overnight. much warmer tomorrow under mainly sunny skies but showers likely this weekend. both days as a matter of fact. satellite image 9:00 o'clock to 9 okay clouds moving out of the bay area and big patch of clearing moving in right now. that will be our pattern for tomorrow but this low pressure system offshore will approach the coast and by saturday certainly into sunday it will be bringing us some scattered showers so looks like it's our rather wet easter weekend. starting forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight during the overnight perfect. clouds around not cloud cover and sunny day tomorrow and nice warm-up of high pressure than land upper sfoys near 80 in the warme
about an average salary of just over 69,000 dollars per year. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> more to get to this monday night. coming up exploratorium night club shooting. one victim may never walk again. now the owner of the club does what no one expected him to do. >> plus the state puts more money into rebate to help you buy green cars. i'm annette in sacramento but critic say the millions could be better spent elsewhere. >> i'm spencer in the accu-weather forecast center. showers. light showers have entered the bay area. show where you in just a moment in my accu-weather forecast. >> caught on camera. terrifying moment photographer what's truly amazing aboutpher mercedes new mbrace2 system... is i can follow all my sports... catch the latest breaking news... keep in touch with friends... follow the financial headlines... find a great restaurant... and with siriusxm i can get weather forecasts... all from here. in my mercedes-benz. [ male announcer ] introducing mbrace2. the most comprehensive cloud-based telematics system on the road. it's your world, from your car. mercedes-ben
, 68 degrees. east bay oakland, 67. castro valley and inland, we'll look for brentwood sitting at 70 degrees. 69, concord. >> rain will start to move in across the bay area tuesday afternoon, tuesday night as wet wednesday throughout the day will be wet and cooler. then we'll start to warm things up friday, saturday and sunday. temperatures by the weekend near 80 degrees. >> wow! >> wednesday, spring arrives. >> we're done with rain. we love it. mike shumann is here. we got baseball action. >> at at&t park, third baseball classic. japan is two time defending champion they faced off puerto rico in the first semifinal this evening. throwing out the first pitch. puerto rico didn't waste any time. mike with a flare to center and puerto rico goes on top 1-0. then in the 7th, flashing some muscle, alex rios unloads a bomb to left. puerto rico are up 3-1 and bottom of the eighth and complete highlights coming up at 11:00. >> 68 teams have been selected to the big dance. ucla, arizona and cal got the nod and st. mary's is the 11th seed in the midwest but play tennessee in dayton, ohio. they
. temperature readings in san francisco. 54 in oakland san jose check in at 52 degrees. another view of the bay bridge from high definition south beach camera here at san francisco and more temperature readings. 49 degrees at santa rosa. 51 at napa fairfield. 56 at gilroy. to our forecast feature it's going to be mainly clear overnight but with some patches of fog mainly along the coast line. not much pushing inland. spot or 2 out over the bay. mid 70's tomorrow will be the high in our inland locatio location. it's going to be really mild to warm and mostly cloudy on saturday as our weather pattern begins to change. this is important. beach hazard advisory in effect from tomorrow morning through saturday evening. we have some rough surf for awhile. possibility of dangerous snea sneaker wave should stay away from the water edge and avoid going out on to the rock out coption and the jetty because the surf could be hazardous. looking at the satellite animation you can see the big ridge of high pressure still holding on but for only one more day so we have dry mild conditions tomorrow but
to have a lot of things in order before they can be relessed. >>reporter: keith is an oakland attorney who represents lifer in prison many of them murderers. he says several factors contribute to their success if relessed. much of it based on what they do while behind bars. >> decades of self-help and therapy programs and dealing with addictions and alcoholism from the past and finding support going forward. >>reporter: according to the california department of corrections over 107 death row inmate in stan wood class 72, 42 were paroled. 12 of them committed new felonies. some worry the exception like stan worth case will prompt lawmakers to overreact passing new law to keep prisoners behind bars a lot longer. but those touched by the violence of men like stan wood say a sentence is a stichbilitys i know they didn't have a lot of room for them but when they are that bad put them in a cage and forget about them because they don't they are animals. >>reporter: dennis stan worth awaiting trial for the murder of his mother. if convicted he could 7 the death penalty. laura anthony a
in oakland. 62 in san jose. still mild in many locations at this hour. looking at the bay bridge from the other side now. live from our high definition south beach camera in downtown san francisco. temperatures readings at this hour of 58 in santa rosa. 54 in fairfield and 61 in livermore. excuse me. must be the air. we go to the forecast features. dense coastal fog tonight. it will push locally inland. visibility may be reduced in some locations tomorrow morning for the early morning commute. high clouds but lots of sunshine tomorrow and the dry mild pattern continues right on through the weekend. now, you our satellite image and the animation will indicate the high pressure ridge still holding on as the dominant feature in the picture. a few high clouds filtering into but still dry and mild conditions will be with us through the weekend. high clouds. a little coastal fog. lots of day time sunshine. overnight tonight look for the fog to press across the bay. locally inland filling in the north bay valleys. maybe a little down south of santa cruz. the inland areas of the east bay most
very light showers being reported and also out towards the oakland, alameda area across the bay bridge, 580 here. as i look at the high temperatures, scattered showers, cooler weather, mid 50s to low 60s. when all is said and done, up to an inch in the north bay, .4 in central bay and .05 in the south bay. rain will taper and showers will be wednesday evening and then we'll go for a dry forecast on thursday taking you right through the weekend. next tuesday we'll have another chance of rain. >> dan: larry beil is here. lot of basketball to talk about. >> good stuff. it's not enough, st. mary's had to win the first game to get into the field of 64. into the field of 64. and shelly what's truly amazing about mercedes new mbrace2 system... is i can follow all my sports... catch the latest breaking news... keep in touch with friends... follow the financial headlines... find a great restaurant... and with siriusxm i can get weather forecasts... all from here. in my mercedes-benz. [ male announcer ] introducing mbrace2. the most comprehensive cloud-based telematics system on the road. it's y
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